Pledge – Christine P

To inspire my kids to not focus so much on things that money can by, but more on the people they can become and who they can influence. To share this with my MOPS group as this is one of our focuses this year-to be kind to ourselves and to others.

Pledge – Naomi M

I pledge to use and then donate this book to a school for ‘special needs’ students that I have been allocated to complete my final year of Teaching Placement. I aim to use the text to support their learning about financial diversity and the aspects of life that are not dependent on financial influence. I […]

Pledge – Candice S

I pledge to brighten a strangers day by giving them a warm and genuine compliment

Pledge –Alex

To care for the sick, aged & infirm with dignity, respect & compassion.

Pledge – John M

After I have read this book and got my kids read it I will pass it on to others.

Pledge – Dianne C

My pledge is to use this resource to encourage family, friends and others to consider all our resources not just money.

Pledge – Melissa

We will start our kindness village in 2017 and help make lives better.

Pledge – ellis

I will introduce myself to the elderly lady down the street and ask her if I could assist her with groceries, or something else this Christmas.

Pledge – Ruth

I pledge that I will find ways to bring community back and help my neighbours as actively as I can.